Theology starts at home.

Deep study of God's Word is possible, wherever you are and whatever stage you are in. At Homegrown Theology, we are passionate about giving you the tools and methods to deepen your relationship with God through a growing knowledge of His Word.

Why Homegrown Theology?

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  • Anointed - A Study of 1 Samuel
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What others are saying about Homegrown Theology:

Stephanie’s studies have challenged me to read the Bible in a totally different way, and to think deeply in order to learn and grow closer to the Lord.

Amy D.

Drawing upon her years of ministry to women in the local church, Stephanie provides teaching that is thoroughly researched and faithful to Scripture yet in a style that is both winsome and practical. I could not more highly recommend her Bible studies for those looking to dig deeper into God’s Word personally or with a group of friends.

Ryan Bowman, Lead Pastor, Fellowship of Wildwood

Stephanie’s teaching is communicated with a zeal for God’s Word, the rigor of academic study, and the heart of a good friend. Her Bible studies are a perfect balance of systematically walking through the text without becoming overwhelmed by too much information, while still providing rich theological discovery and teaching the reader skills to study God’s word independently. This master teacher’s ministry continually rejuvenates my passion for the Word and provides resources that I joyfully recommend to my congregation. 

Dr. Jordan Cox, Professor at Missouri Baptist University and Lead Pastor of College Park Church.